UW Tower

Location: Seattle
Space Type: Higher Education
Completion Dates: 2018
Manufacturing Partners: KI, Great Openings, ERG, Boss Design, Sit On It

Project Overview

A flexible kit of workstation parts drove this project. Workstation panel spines would define pods, as well as distribute power. However, all the other elements along these spines would need to be movable to allow teams to configure and move their stations as they desired within their workstation footprint. They could orient their stations in one of 3 configurations: facing the windows, facing the main walkway, or facing the spine. Each station’s kit of movable parts included: a height-adjustable table with desk mounted tackable privacy screen, wire trough, personal locker, and file/storage unit on casters which also provided additional layout space

The panels along the main walkways were finished in laminate for an upgraded look and visual texture change. Exterior panels were segmented to create a design reveal at the same height as the laminate corridor panels. A darker panel fabric was selected for exterior panels to hide dirt and scuffs, while a light panel fabric was selected for the interior panels to keep the workspace bright. The neutral palette was offset by bright turquoise on a portion of the desk mounted privacy screens and bold color and pattern on lounge furniture.