Higher Education

It’s More Than a School or a Campus. It’s a Community.

Educational providers have evolved, and the campus is changing with them. Educational institutions need to offer a range of interesting and value adding courses to recruit students in an increasingly competitive market. From growing community colleges that offer full four-year programs through to online learning platforms and the rapid growth of high schools offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses. A diverse and enthusiastic student community is a vital ingredient that drives educational attainment and student engagement.

With the evolution of the campus, better utilization of available space is becoming increasingly necessary.  Restricted space that is not well organized impairs the learning environment. As such, innovative solutions are required that allow you to organize and store high volumes of materials. From books and documents (such as research materials and school records), through to athletic team equipment and uniforms.

The higher education specialists at Workpointe have worked for over 30 years and have helped educational establishments design and configure first-class designs that enhance the student experience.

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Everybody has a different learning style, and we can accommodate them all.

From fixed auditorium seating, to mobile desks all the way to lounge sofa’s. We have something that can fit in every learning environment. Aligned with some of our top manufacturers and our in-house design team, we have endless resources to help you and your team find the right fit for the right environment.


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The advent of the information age is transforming the traditional notion of a Library – a quiet place where books are made available to the public.

Libraries are quickly developing into community centers, becoming meeting places for students and acting as venues for seminars and conferences. They provide collaborative workplaces and embrace technology with media labs.


Campus Police

The first and most important objective of campus police is to keep students safe.

When the Chief of a Public Safety Department wanted a new locker room for his officers before his retirement, we utilized personal storage lockers. As a result, the officers gained a custom space with protective boxes for guns, a separate drawer in which they could neatly store helmets and boots upright for easy access, as well as extra space for spare uniforms and the storage of personal valuables. A centralized and well-organized location for all the necessary equipment resulted in higher productivity and a good day on duty!



Retail stores on campuses, especially busy bookstores, need efficient organization so that workers and customers can easily access and retrieve stock.

Customers struggle to complete their work in a chaotic stock room. The installation of a modular shelving system can double the storage capacity of the existing space and offer various options for hanging additional inventory.

Collaborative Lounge Spaces

In today’s age of technology, students can work and study anywhere, so why not make it inviting, fun and comfortable?

Current environments within universities are no longer aligned with students’ culture, discouraging them from using the on-site amenities and inhibiting their engagement with each other. Today we need to provide spaces that students feel comfortable with and that the universities can maintain.


Auditorium Seating

From flexible to traditional to blended with a personalized approach to meet customer-specific goals, we have solutions for all your needs.

The challenge in many spaces is to create large capacity seating for performance venues, classrooms and presentation spaces while staying within your budget. We can deliver impressive aesthetics with clean lines and finish options, and then follow through with comfort, functionality, durability, and versatile seat sizing.

Your auditorium reflects your commitment to excellence and innovation. Create a lasting and positive impression with your auditorium seating. Enhance the appearance and image of your auditorium with a clean and classic design.

Administrative Spaces

From efficient workstations, to functional filing

We can help provide a varied, yet consistent solution for your project. Whether you need a really clean, simple design that responds to all the different needs of your department or just something aesthetically pleasing we have something that can answer your problems. Each department within a university has it’s own set of needs and we are familiar with them all.

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