Living through the COVID19 Pandemic has introduced us to a new world of hygiene. While we all walked around thinking we were being fairly hygienic, we certainly weren’t washing our hands to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’, we weren’t disinfecting our groceries and we certainly weren’t wearing masks in public, usually not even at the doctor’s office. This new world that has been created for us has introduced us to the world that many in the healthcare industry have been dealing with for years. The great thing about that is that there are numerous products that already exist.

Promoting the use of personal protection products and reducing the risk of cross-contamination is top of mind. We have several products available for the healthcare industry for exam rooms, patient rooms, and corridors. But these dispensers for sanitizer, masks, gloves, and gowns are now needed in our corporate offices, our children’s schools, and our public institutions like libraries and even grocery stores.