King County Departments and Divisions

Location: King Country
Space Type: Government
Completion Dates: 2021
Manufacturing Partners: KI, Arcadia

Project Overview

In January 2017, King County Facilities Management Division approached Workpointe with a project. They had an opportunity to reset from the ground up the way they handled boxed files, oversized documents, systems furniture parts and operations store. This reset allowed them to consolidate divisions, reducing the footprint and overhead of operating multiple facilities. They needed to consolidate six buildings worth of archives and storage into one warehouse. The County came to Workpointe for our experience in inventory and warehouse design.
The project was phased into three segments to accommodate King County’s budget cycle, and in coordination with the expiry of the leases of the existing six buildings they were moving out of.

Designing the entire warehouse to accommodate all five County divisions and subdivisions, along with room for future growth was a huge design and planning challenge. King County Records required a large amount of space, enough to accommodate 100,000 records boxes, and for future growth of 20,000 boxes. We were able to accommodate this by maximizing floor space and utilizing high ceilings, using 18’H shelving to maximize the use of the airspace.

When COVID-19 hit, The City of Seattle decided to turn one of their original locations into an emergency homeless shelter

King County Records moved 100,000 archive boxes from their Fir St location in Seattle to their new facility. At the time, the building was completely vacant despite 2,000 empty sections of shelving. The project had to be completed on a tight deadline. Workpointe assisted by providing emergency labor for nine days to clear out all the shelving and clean the facility to prepare the space for hundreds of beds. The project was a success, and The Salvation Army took occupancy of the space

Services Provided

Design & planning/CAD.
Product procurement
Delivery and installation of all systems.
Move services – 100,000 records boxes, and thousands of health records files.
Labeling all 11,700 shelves.
Scanning the records boxes in and out of the computer systems at each location.
Seismic calculations