Socially Just, Culturally Rich, Ecologically Restorative. That is the mission of the Living Building Challenge (LBC). An aspiration you would think was born out of 2020, but has actually been around for years. The LBC focuses on “the relationship between impact and effort.” Creating buildings that give more than they take in an attainable but aggressive fashion. Raising the bar for all of us to create the best we can for our futures.
No one took this challenge more seriously than Weber Thompson in 2014 when they launched their Watershed project. Watershed is a 7-story commercial office building with over 65,000 square feet of office and retail space and part of the LBC. Watershed uses 25% less energy than a code-compliant building. An integrated rainwater system along with low-flow fixtures reduces potable water use by 75%. All materials were vetted to reduce ‘red list’ toxic chemicals as well as local sourcing, salvaging and recycling of materials to create “a healthier building”. Completed in 2020, Watershed has already won the NAIOP Night of Stars Award for the 2020 Sustainable Office Development of the Year award. Weber Thompson is going to be moving their offices into this gorgeous and positively impactful building.
That is where we come in. Workpointe partnered with Weber Thompson early on to collaborate on the design and layout of their office furniture. Knowing how difficult it can be to navigate sustainable content and choices in contract furniture we knew we could provide an asset to the Weber Thompson team.
Workpointe worked diligently with Weber Thompson to understand their needs and desires and how to incorporate that with the overall holistic concept. Beyond our expertise as a furniture dealer, we also excel and understand project logistics. We worked with Weber Thompson to determine what was easiest for them. What would give them peace of mind. What would give their employees what they need to be the most efficient. We solved this by phasing the project into two stages. One focusing on the workstations; the vital component that allows an employee to be fully functional. We then focused secondarily on the ancillary furniture. This allowed us to devote full attention to the workstations first and the ancillary second, rather than trying to do it all at once, dividing attention and deadlines.
With a nearly 50-year history, our company has seen many partnerships over the years. This gives us great standing in our industry, and it allows us to support our clients in ways not all can. For this project, we were able to leverage our relationships to not only get more support for the Weber Thompson team but also to get them preferential pricing as an A&D firm and a valued member of the industry.
Our goal and mission is to give our clients the best possible experience. We strive to provide knowledge to our customers and be resourceful. We act upon humility and integrity and we approach every project with passion. That all stems from our roots as a family-owned business which resulted in a successful partnership with Weber Thompson on this project because we helped make their job a little easier and delivered their desired outcome.
Project Scope: 73 height adjustable benching workstations with magnetic-writable glass dividers, materials library storage, break room, 6 conference/scrum room tables and seating, workstation accessories such as monitor arms, cable management, task lighting, and CPU holders.
Product:Teknion, Watson, KI, Encore, Hi5 Tables, Humanscale, and Bernhardt
Year: 2020-2021