VA Health Center

Location: Seattle
Space Type: Healthcare
Completion Dates: 2019
Manufacturing Partners: Teknion, KI, Sit On It, Encore, Arcadia, Wieland, Carolina, Uline, West Coast Industries

Project Overview

Workpointe was awarded a $4.6 million project for the new Seattle Veterans Affairs Mental Health Facility. This project was extremely complex and consisted of 23 different furniture manufacturers and a very complicated construction schedule. This project was completed out over the entire country and Workpointe in combination with a small veteran-owned firm was awarded the entire project. The coordination for this project involved many different obstacles and was spread out over a 7 month period with various parts of the project delivering at different times. The end result of this project was a tremendous success with a very minimal punch list and a very happy client.

Construction of Parkview was several weeks behind when it came time to install furniture. As a result elevators in the building were not complete. To accommodate and ensure school could open on time, Workpointe installers hand carried every product.

Covid Supply Chain Issues Struck Every Industry Including Ours. Material Shortages Delayed The Installation Process At Every Step

he Workpointe team utilized three strategies to ensure issues relating to material shortages and delayed shipping didn’t affect the opening of the school. First, purchase orders were put in earlier then manufacturer recommended time with the expectation that there would be delays. The second strategy was transparent communication with the client about any and all changes. This allowed Workpointe to work together with administrators to find solutions.

And the final strategy that enabled every school to open on time was prioritizing the needs of students. Even taking precautions delivery to our warehouse was delayed and but products were switched out as needed so every student had what they needed to learn on the first day of school.

Having an in house install crew trained in the products we sell allowed for a flexible installation schedule. This meant that as timelines changed we were able to adapt