Get that monitor off it’s stand and at eye level to avoid neck strain. Whatever your workspace setup, there is a monitor arm solution for you. There are three golden rules to proper workstation ergonomics: 1.) The top of your monitor should be at eye level (not your level to the center of your monitor which might seem like the obvious answer) 2.) Your elbow should be at 90 degrees and your forearms should be parallel to the floor (or a decline) 3.) Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should then create a 90 degree. If you follow these rules, it’s not full-proof and everybody’s body is different, but you could feel a signifcant difference in your comfort with these simple steps.

But remember, ergonomics is a science. It requires a lot of education and it takes specific evaluation for each individual person. So if you follow these rules and are still experience pain. Reach out today and we can get you setup with an ergonomic evaluation and help you setup a workstation that is going to work for you.