City of University Place

Location: University Place
Space Type: Government, Offices
Completion Dates: 2019
Manufacturing Partners: KI, Teknion, Allseating, Sit On It, ERG

Project Overview

The City of University Place was moving into a modernized civic building to combine Police, Library, and City Hall services all in one location. Workpointe furnished the second and third floors occupied by City Hall departments. The new building featured beautiful perimeter windows that flooded the space with natural light. Not wanting to obstruct this, as well as to make an environmental choice by using a reconfigurable product, the City selected KI’s Genius demountable wall to create their offices and conference spaces. Office fronts with clerestory glass across the entire span let the light permeate the interiors. Markerboards were integrated into the demising walls to serve as the panel skin and functional surface.

Glass continued as a material application in the furniture where back painted glass provided the door fronts on storage units in offices, as well as magnetic panels on workstation dividers. This reflective surface was complemented with texture and acoustic properties in the desk screens attached to the height-adjustable tables in the workstations. All offices and workstations provided a height-adjustable desk for ergonomic comfort. While the workstations had free-standing height adjustable desks, the offices featured a height-adjustable table where the legs were fully integrated into the casework for an upscale look