K12 Education

The future of the world is in the classroom today.

After 40 years serving the K-12 industry we have learned that not every school is the same. The needs of faculty and students are different in every school and keeping this as our focus allows us to tailor each space to it’s unique learning goals. Collaboration in the classroom, mobility in makerspaces, and adaptability in libraries helps us maximize the benefits to students and provide the best possible learning environment.


The classroom is the backbone of every school. Designing for the this space requires a deep understanding of teachers and students needs. To create an environment that supports both, we focus on collaboration, mobility, and adaptability.


Commons spaces are more important than ever as we begin to realize the impact school life has on students social well being. They create addition opportunities for collaboration in a casual space that brings learning out of the classroom. Creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for students to gather brings benefits both inside the classroom and out.


Maker spaces provide alternative learning environments that foster confidence, curiosity, and indepent learning. Through a fluid inter-disciplinary process students get hands on experience with STEM and STEAM which prepares them for the most in deman future careers. No modern school is complete without a dedicated makers space.


Libraries are more than just a place to check out books. They have evolved to become a place for 1 on 1 and group collaboration, tutoring and quiet study. The many needs of the student body are supported by the many functions a library serves. Keeping focus on students allows us to design for the specific needs of each school and maximize the benefits to students.

Early Childhood

Kids spend a limited time in early childhood spaces, but that time is formative. Attention to detail ensures that the early childhood environment meets the needs for all young learners and their teachers


More than just a place to eat, the cafeteria is where students socialize, bond, and build lasting friendships. But it also doubles as a transitional space, serving as an event space, large meeting space, and activity space. Get the most out of your cafeteria  by choosing the right flexible options that work for you.


More Spaces

Project Management
Band Room

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